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LIOC is an e-learning content creation company that, through its technology, makes available to everyone, knowledge about our subjects by selecting the best communicators and experts.

what do we do?

We work every day so that learning is more fun and dynamic. Always looking for the highest quality of our content and evolving with new technologies.

Everyday better.

what we offer?

An easy, dynamic and modern method.

You sit down to enjoy, we take care of everything else.

We put at your disposal a very elaborate product and the result of an in-depth analysis of each subject so that you get the best knowledge.

Our content coordinators work closely with our experts in each subject to offer them a fused, refined and quality knowledge.

And we not only transmit the knowledge but also add the experience of the best professionals in each subject. Do not you think that on many occasions the knowledge that experience brings us should also be included when they teach us something? Well, we incorporate this aspect into our formations.

It is for this reason that we select the best professionals to offer you the highest quality training.

And also in the technical means.

In short, we make it very easy for you.

Learn in an entertaining way with the contents that really interest you. Learn, deepen, interact.

Both on a personal and / or professional level.

Dare to grow, evolve. Be happy learning without pressure.

We have all studied and learned but nowadays, thanks to new technologies, we can enjoy doing it.

How do we do it?

The result is the combination of teamwork between Expert Professionals + Technology + Human Team

I will talk to you first of our expert professionals:

Do you remember that teacher from our childhood, high school or university who marked us so much because it was different, motivating, original?

Do you remember that going to class did not cost us anything?

Unlike the other subjects we were willing to hear it again for its ability to transmit, communicate, motivate us?

These are the professionals that LIOC selects. Those that make us vibrate and evolve.

Thanks to new technologies we can make their "master classes" to many.

Let us instruct the best. Many of the large private schools have obtained great results based on this methodology and have the best communicators, but not all of us can afford to train in them..

LIOC wants to get their knowledge and make them available to everyone. That is available to everyone and is affordable.

Why only allow access to a few? Let's make its diffusion possible and let ourselves be inspired by them.

Regarding the technology we use, I would like to mention that LIOC offers its own platform (LMS) so that, in addition to accessing the contents, it can interact with our expert trainers, solving their doubts.

Also in it you will find other features such as videoconferences, forums and many other things.

With our high-end video and audio equipment you can enjoy a modern and up-to-date training, allowing a more pleasant and interactive visualization.

And of course our team: computer technicians, content coordinators, own authors.

Let us grow with you.

Are you with us?

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